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Dear colleagues!

The Organizing committee of 1st Baltic School of Neuro-Myology with a great pleasure welcomes all the participants from Baltic states who are interested in neuromuscular disorders to attend our first Baltic School during April 26-27 of April at Riga, Latvia with an intriguing theme of “Metabolism and Neuromuscular disorders“.

The number of participants is limited.

We will be glad to see you soon in Riga.

Kind regards,
Baltic School of Neuro-Myology
Organizing Committee


 Latvian Society of Neuroimmunologists in cooperation with Latvian Children’s Neurology Association organized the first meeting of Neuromuscular deseases work group “Diagnostic Approach to Neuromuscular Diseases in Latvia” on 11th of Jun. The meeting was attended by children and adolescent neurologists, geneticists, neurophysiologists, cardiologists, internists with the aim of developing key points to support in order to facilitate the early detection of patients with neuromuscular diseases, to facilitate the diagnosis of these diseases, improve patient access to specialists, receive treatment and rehabilitation.


 Riga Stradins university Continuin Education, in cooperation with Latvian Society of Neuroimmunologists organized professional improvement course “Q&A about Autoimmune Diseases” on 15th of December. The program included issues such as: Immunity – what does it mean?; How can we distinguish autoimmune polyneuropathy from others? Autoimmune or autoinflamatory illness? How to observe myasthenia outpatient? The importance of autoantibodies – when and what we should look for?; clinical case analysis.

 “Muscle Health Day” took place on 7th-9th December in Latvian Oncology Center in Riga. The event was organized for patients with respiratory problems, muscle weakness, muscle pain, high CPK levels, where patiants participated in lectures; got evaluation of muscle strength and respiratory function; got screening analysis for Pompe disease. Event was provided by neurologists from Riga East Clinical University hospital “Gaiļezers”.

Riga Stradins university Continuin Education, in cooperation with  Latvian Society of Neuroimmunologists  organized professional improvement two days courses  “Reumatology”  on 6th-7th December.  Lectors of the courses were doc. Anna Mihailovs, doc. Viktorija Ķēniņa, doc. Nataļja Kurjāne.

“Motoneurone disease day – an event for patients and doctors” in cooperation with “Motus Vita” was performed on 06th May. Lectors of the meeting– neurologist and immunologist Doc V. Ķēniņa, neurologists Dr. J. Melnik and Dr. V. Demeshonok were from Sankt-Peterburg, anestesiologist Dr. J. Vjugins and radiologist Dr. R.Laguns.


Meeting of the Association “Complement System Disorders” took place on  5th October. Lectors of the meeting– immunologist I. Mihailova, nephrologist Dr. I. Ziediņa, immunologist Doc. N. Kurjāne and immunologist, neurologist Doc. V. Ķēniņa.

Riga Stradins university Continuin Education, in cooperation with Latvia Pediatric Society and Latvian Society of Neuroimmunologists  organized professional improvement courses “Sleep day – current events in sleep medicine”  with guest lectore from Canadaon on 22nd April. 

Two days teaching courses “Muscle disorders – theory and practice” took place on  14th – 15th April 2016.  Lectors of the courses were neurologist from United Kingdom (Dr. Z. Jaunmuktane), neurologist – muscle disorders specialist from St.Peterburg (Dr. J. Melnika) and specialists from Latvia (prof. I.Logina, genetic specialist doc. Z. Krūmiņa, pathologist S. Isajevs, neurologist and immunologist doc. V. Ķēniņa).



Patients day “Day of Myasthenia” in cooperation with “Motus Vita” was performes on 5th September. 

Lectors of the course – neurologist Anna Rostedt Punga (Sweden, Upsalas University), dr. Jevgenija Melnik (Russia, St.Peterburg Hospital), and also specialists from Latvia with great experience in  management and treatment of Myastenia gravis: neurologist dr. S. M. Naudiņa, neurologist dr. I.Kamša, immunologist N.Kurjāne, neurologist-immunologist V.Ķēniņa.

Logo_atstarpeProfessional improvement courses “Clinical genetics in neurology” took place on February 27th. Lectors of the courses were genetics dr. B.Lāce, dr. A. Dzalbs, pathologist dr. D. Svirina, neurologist prof. I. Logina, immunologist doc. N. Kurjāne.


Logo_atstarpeProfessional improvement courses participated by Maria Isabel Leite the lector from Oxford’s took place on March the 14th 2014. Course’s topic was “Autoimmune encephalitis – theory and practice”. Prof. Ināra Logina, Doc. Nataļja Kurjāne, Doc, Viktorija Ķēniņa were lectors who also participated the course.

Logo_atstarpeThe two day long learning course “Basic principles of neuroimmunology for family practitioners and internal medicine specialists” took place on February 21 – 22. Lectors of the meeting were Asoc. prof. Inese Mihailova, prof. Ināra Logina, doc. Viktorija Ķēniņa, doc. Nataļja Kurjāne.


Logo_atstarpeProfessional improvement courses “Basics of neuroimmunology” took place at November 21 – 23. Lectors of the course were asoc. prof. Inese Mihailova, prof. Ināra Logina, doc. Viktorija Ķēniņa, doc. Nataļja Kurjāne, dr. Inese Kamša.

Logo_atstarpeLatvian Society of Neuroimmunologists organized 3 day long professional improvement course “Neuroimmunology – theory and practice” took place on June 6 – 8. Lectors participated the course were prof. Ināra Logina, asoc. prof. Inese Mihailova, doc. Viktorija Ķēniņa, doc. Nataļja Kurjāne, dr. Inese Kamša.

Logo_atstarpeLatvian Society of Neuroimmunologists organized professional improvement course “Vasculitides of central nervous system” took place on April 31th. Participant had possibility to improve their skills of diagnostic management oriented to patients with vasculitides, as also got insight into interpretation of immunologic analyses. Pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnostics and treatment of primary and secondary CNS vasculitides where discussed. Case reports were presented in the end of the course.

Lectors of the course – doc. Nataļja Kurjāne, doc. Viktorija Ķēniņa, dr. Inita Buliņa, dr. Anželika Gudreniece.

Logo_atstarpeThree day long teaching course “Issues of neuroimmunology” was performed on April 2013, as a part of RSU post graduating faculty’s improvement program.

Participants of the course had possibility to improve their knowledge about etiology, natural history and causes of autoimmune diseases, get insight into up to date immunological diagnostic techniques and interpretation of their results. The broad insight into immunemodulating therapy and case reports where analyzed.

The information about immunepathology, variations of clinical manifestation, natural history, diagnosis and treatment of myasthenia gravis where presented. Demyelinating diseases, differential diagnosis of myelitides, as also autoimmune encephalitides, paraneoplastic neurologic syndromes, autoimmune polyneuropathies where the topics of attention of this course. Case reports as practical examples of every topic discussed earlier where presented in the end of the course.

Lectors of the course – prof. Ināra Logina, asoc. prof. Inese Mihailova, doc. Viktorija Ķēniņa, doc. Nataļja Kurjāne, dr. Inese Kamša, dr. Alīna Flintere-Flinte, dr. Lana Vainšteine.