Laboratory services

Immunological Laboratory

In Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital 

Tissue immunity –subsequent lymphocytes sub-population  CD3,CD4,CD8,CD16,CD19,CD25
Humoral immunity
  • immunoglobin – IgG,IgA,IgM,IgE
  • circulating immunocomplex
  • C3,C4 complement component
  • Subclasses of immunoglobulin – G1, G2, G3, G4
Tumor marker determination – CEA, CA15-3,CA19-9, CA125, CYFRA, NSE, Alfa FP, S – 100 (MAKSAS),  beta 2 –  microglobulin
 Autoantibody determination
  • ANA;
  • ANCA;
  • Cytoplasmic antibodies;
  • Anti-ds DNS antibodies;
  • AchR antibodies;
  • MuSK antibodies;
  • Anti-VGCK;
  • Anti-VGKK;
Paraneoplastic antibodie
  • Anti-GAD
  • Anti-Hu, Anti-Ri, Anti-Jo, Anti-amphiphysin
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If patient have the referral from the physician the patient’s fee and analyses that are not covered by Natianal health service should be paid. To schedule a consultation, please call 67069280 (patients without a physicians referral will have to pay full amount). Automatic analyzers of new generation are used to perform immunediagnostics.