Clinical, immunological, hystopathological characteristics of IgG associated peripherin small fiber neuropathy are investigated.

Aim of the project: To introduce diagnostic criteria, overview the pathology and measure the incidence of small fiber neuropathy in Latvia.

Project director: doc. Viktoija Ķēniņa, prof. Ināra Logina

Work group:

prof. R. Kleina (hystophatology)

doc. N. Kurjāne (immunologic research)

dr. I. Jaunalksne (Center of Clinical Immunology)

dr. A. Rozenbaha (nerve conduction studies)

dr. N. Vazņarska (clinical research)

dr. A. Gudreniece (punch biopsies)

dr. Sabeļnikova (quantitative sensory testing)

dr. Iļja Noviks (punch biopsies)                             

Colleagues, if you have patients with suspected small fiber neuropathy you can contact dr. A. Gudrenieci (29769103) to figure out diagnostic possibilities at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital.